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Thanksgiving Sale!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaff posted Thu at 6:54

This sale will go until the end of the day (UTC) on the 23rd.

Click here to go to our store!

CarlThaBeast Nice i just bought some stuff
Sarbearz Wow, thank you so much!
EarthtoEcho13 SPEWo :DDD

Minigames Planned Maintenance 18/11/2017

Dannyy94 Head DevStaff posted Nov 12, 17


The maintenance is now complete and the Minigames are now back online!

Hi everyone,

In preperation for the update on 2nd December we will be performing essential maintenance on the minigames (/games) section of Potterworld this weekend (18/11/2017) at 9AM UTC. (1AM PST)

We do not have an estimated time for the games to be offline however we will provide updates throughout the day.

The RPG server will remain online during this time.

The Development Team

Planned Maintenance 02/12/2017

Dannyy94 Head DevStaff posted Nov 9, 17

Hi everyone,

On 2nd December 2017 we will be taking Potterworld offline to perform essential maintenance, we have been working hard on critical server updates which we are unable to deploy without taking the server offline.

At this point we do not have an estimate for the duration of the maintenance but we will provide updates on the day.

The maintenance will start at 9AM UTC (1AM PST)

The Development Team

CupcakeBro Does this Update by any chance involve Exploration ? *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
CalebTheExpert Good Luck! I hope this is a smooth Planned Maintenance!
Kyle_Parker Thanks for the heads up guys. I fully understand what must be done will be done.

November Dueling Tournament

jackks ArithmancerArena MasterSecretKeeperStaff posted Nov 4, 17

Hello students!
Kit, Blizz and I would like to congratulate JawwaMyselfAndI_ & Bastaii from the Raven team for becoming our October dueling tournament winners, well done!

Qualifiers for November's dueling tournament take place on November 17th at 4pm PST. The finals will take place the following weekend on November 24th at 4 pm PST. 

Click here to read the Tournament Page for all rules and details.

Kit, Blizz and I look forward to seeing you at the November Tournament.

New Rule: If you qualify for the finals, but do not show up without at least a one day warning, you will not be allowed to participate in the following month's tournament.

Good luck to all the duelists!

nathanbinhk Oh yes
Kiiira_ ProfessorArena MasterStaff Congrats to the ravens and good luck everyone on this months tournament! Have fun!
Sarbearz Congrats Ravens! I am so proud of my house

Halloween Quest Feedback

Aloreable Head StaffStaff posted Nov 1, 17

Hello, Witches and Wizards!

As most of you know, outside of the Great Hall at Hogsworth, you can visit our Halloween event! The event is overflowing with a ton of fun things to do! However, the most anticipated part of the event is the quests! 

The Game Design team would love to hear from all of you about your experience doing all of the quests! Let us know your favorite things, your least favorite things, if you had trouble with anything, etc. Please leave constructive, honest, and detailed feedback to help us make our future quests that much better for our amazing server.

You can leave feedback using this form here.

Thank you!

Doctor_Bond I loved the different quests that were available! I did find some were longer than others, so maybe different amounts of...
nathanbinhk (╯°□°)╯
MemeThief amazing
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