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June 2017 Quarterly House Cup Winner!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryPwatch HeadStaffo posted Wed at 20:54

Congratulations to house Griffin on winning the Quarterly House Cup, June 2017!

Godric_Potter Thanks for the applause guys I am also happy my house won
LeonyWolfGaming Wooo!!!! Finally!! Great job Griffins!!
Elemeno_Pee Yasss! We finally did it, chickpeas.

Summer Sale!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryPwatch HeadStaffo posted Tue at 18:53

Hello everyone! We're offering 15% off everything in our store from now until June 28th! 


Aperio o This is awesome! Thank you for the Sale! Now I can get the Sock hat ^-^ ❤
PrincessCreeper9 Lol still dont got moneyz for the pink bow. Rip
Lauriiella Wow yesterday I got a scythe for $15 and the day after they're on sale xD Just my luck

Wizendale Chocolates

Nymphadorable Head of S.Head EventSMPStaffo posted Sun at 18:43

We have had some reports that there are currently a couple of Students selling home made chocolate frogs in Wizendale to raise money and awareness for our precious house-elves that are overworked and abused every day! Join in on this special gathering and support our little friends! The house that raises the most money for the fundraiser will win a special prize. Be fast, I heard that they will only be there for a week!

In first place we have Griffin with 10,830 sales
In second place we have Honeybadger with 8,650 sales

In third place we have Raven with 6,083 sales

In last place we have Serpent with 4,226

Griffin will be receiving 100 points
Thank you to all of those who helped support our wonderful house-elves!

LordMarco Sr PrefectPerformerStaff Nice work everyone! Congrats my fellow Griffins!!!
Zetoriah Congratulations Griffins!
Squibbus Congratulations Griffins c:

June Dueling Tournament

Kittt ProfessorInternArena MasterDD Lead Prodo posted Jun 15, 17

Hey everyone!
Blizz and I would also like to congratulate DeweyatHogwarts, Tilly__, and LeviSoon for becoming our May dueling winners, well done!

Qualifiers for June's dueling tournament take place on Saturday, June 17th at 4pm PST. The finals will take place the following weekend on Saturday, June 24th and 4 pm PST.

Click here to read the Tournament Page for all rules and details.

Blizz and I look forward to see you at the June Tournament.

Good luck to everyone competing!

Mine_Windlight Oh? is it just going to be one big qualifier at the same time?
Reinv Why are the dates announced 1 day before the qualifiers?
Lxgan_ DeweyEatHogwarts

June Flying Tournament

Dannyel ProfessorInternSecretKeeperArena Master posted Jun 15, 17

Hello everyone!
Firstly, John and myself would like to congratulate Risttahukas, Stup3fy_ and NotTalia for winning May's flying tournament for the Serpents.

All four Qualifiers for June's flying tournament will be held on Saturday the 17th of June, while the final will be held on Saturday the 24th of June!

Click here to check the Class Schedule for exact timings.

Click here to read the Tournament Page for all rules and details.

Good luck to everybody participating, we look forwards to seeing you there!

Danny & John

SoyanTM Performer Good Luck everyone!
Apolytos On Saturday are the qualifiers like a class?
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