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Planned Website & Store Maintenance

DenizTM Jr DeveloperLead GDStaff posted Fri at 18:06

Hey everyone,

We’ll be taking the forums and store offline tomorrow to perform some essential maintenance. We’ve been working on some exciting updates that we’re extremely excited to show you!

We currently do not have an estimate time for the duration of the maintenance, but as usual, we will provide updates on the day.

The maintenance will start at 8AM PST.


The Development Team.

RedPotarto PrefectDiscord ModProfessorJr. GD Good luck on the maintenance! So hyped and excited for the new updates!
Sarbearz Ahhhh I'm so excited for the updates! Good luck on the maintenance!
MutatedGrinch Jr.Performer Can't wait to see what you guys have in STORE! xD

December Dueling Tournament

jackks ArithmancerArena MasterStaff posted Mon at 13:18

Hello students!

For the December Dueling Tournament, Kit, Blizz, and I are having teams of 4 competition.

The date of the tournament is on:

December 22nd at 4pm PST.

Click here to sign up & to read the rules.

Good luck to all the teams.

GriefMaster123 Nice, on my birthday!
Possumaa Good luck to everyone!
_Syster Goodluck everyone! May the best team win!

Hogsworth Holiday Housing Contest

_Emxly Head StaffSMPStaffDarkFollower posted Sun at 15:55

The holidays are quickly approaching and during this time of warm drinks and cold weather, there is one thing everyone is excited for - decorating! So, in the spirit of the holidays the Potterworld Team is hosting a winter housing contest! The winners of this contest will receive the following prizes:

1st Place - 300 gold, and 75 house points, & Holiday Emote Package
2nd Place - 200 gold, 50 house points, & Wand Particle Effects
3rd Place - 100 gold, 25 house points

There will be two categories for a total of six winners! The first theme of the contest is Holiday/Christmas, and the second theme is a Winter Wonderland, so make sure to pull out all your decorations** from the closet in order to have a shot at winning! All Submissions for this contest have to be in by December 29th, winners will be decided on a stream hosted by the Potterwatch Director _Sxm / Sam_Valriya on Saturday, December 30th!

To enter the contest, click here.

- Only one player per entry and the entry must be made by the player.
- The entry should be filled out with all information.
- The entry should be appropriate for all ages.
- Do not copy/steal builds from other players.
- Staff Members and Builders players may not enter.

And remember to have fun, we are excited to see your beautifully decorated houses!
Feel free to comment, make a ticket on the forums/in-game, or private message _Emxly / Emily_Valyria with any questions!

**All contestants are responsible for the costs of their builds. Applicants will not be refunded if they do not win, and applicants will not be given any gold to aid them in building their houses. If you need advice as to how to earn gold, please make a ticket in-game and a staff member would be glad to help you!

RedPotarto PrefectDiscord ModProfessorJr. GD Good luck to everyone who enters this contest!
Psycho Does the Housing Scenery count as part of the competition? Or should players revert back to the default scenery?
EarthtoEcho13 SPEWo definitely entering! Good luck everyone

New Store Items! December 2017

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaff posted Dec 7, 17

We have a bunch of new things available in our store, including:

  • 4 New Wand Appearances!The Albus Wand, the Icicle Wand, the White Witch's Staff, and the Snowflake Staff
  • 7 New Pets!The Paper Airplane, Reindeer, Baby Polar Bear, Lunarcalf, Occamer, Predictise, and Thunderhawk
  • 4 New Hats!Emerald, Light Blue, Goggle, and Red Wizard Hats
  • 2 Emote Packages!Holiday 2 Pack, and Animal Pack
  • 5 Guardians!Lunarcalf, Occamer, Predictise, Reindeer, and Thunderhawk
  • 3 Sceneries! Winter Village, and a special 2-scenery pack The Snowglobe Villages

Check out all of these things in our store! Click here!

ExpectoKedavra Omg the housing backgrounds look amazing <33 I wish I wasn't broke criii .-.
RedPotarto PrefectDiscord ModProfessorJr. GD These items are amazing! I love it!
Stupefyyy_ They Look Good

Holiday House Point Contest

Aloreable Head StaffStaff posted Dec 5, 17

Hello, witches and wizards! We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest contest! Located in the courtyard outside of the great hall, you will find an NPC called “Holiday House Point Contest”! This NPC sells three different heads for each house.

Serpent: Serpent Ornament, Serpent Ornament Bush, and Serpent Holiday Cookies

Griffin: Griffin Ornament, Griffin Ornament Bush, and Griffin Hot Cocoa

Raven: Raven Ornament, Raven Ornament Bush, and Raven Holiday Stocking

Honeybadger: Honeybadger Ornament, Honeybadger Ornament Bush, and Honeybadger Holiday Horse

This contest will run now through December 25, 2017. At the end of the contest, all purchases will be totaled up. The house with the most purchased heads will win!


First Place: 300 House Points
Second Place: 200 House Points
Third Place: 100 House Points
Fourth Place: 75 House Points


We wish you all the very best of luck! Have fun and happy holidays!

MutatedGrinch Jr.Performer #griffinpride!!!
LunaBunny I really hope this makes Griffins win! Or at least make Griffins in 2nd place.Good luck to all of the houses!!!
_MeUnlikeYou_ Well, this certainly balances things out
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