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Back to School Sale!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaff posted Fri at 20:02

Take advantage of this sale: 20% off everything in our store! 

Click here to go to our store!

EarthtoEcho13 SPEW Awesome!
ImTruculent_ Woohoo, sounds cool!
PhoenixClaw2 o long will this last? My birthday isn't oct 4, can it last till then?

September Flying Tournament

HumanNature Jr. GDProfessorArena MasterSecretKeeper posted Wed at 17:45

Hello everyone!

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Sam123jamGinger_Cat101 and QuackingDuck1 for leading the Griffins to victory in August's Flying Tournament!

The Qualifiers for September's flying tournament will be held on Saturday the 23rd of September, while the final will be held on Saturday the 30th of September! Both will be streamed live on our YouTube channel.

Click here to check the Class Schedule for exact timings.

Click here to read the Tournaments Page for all rules and details.

Good luck to everybody participating, we look forwards to seeing you there!

John, Kira & Aria


ImTruculent_ Good Luck everybody
NationalBlurry Wishing all the participants a good luck!
Syster15 o Goodluck and have fun everyone!

Butterbrew Festival & Trials - 2017

Scharf Head StaffSMPStaffAurorlock posted Sep 16, 17

Butterbrew Festival - 2017

Hallo witches and wizards! We are excited to announce this year's Butterbrew Festival. We are ready to kick off this season with a festival that includes the beta release of our new Hide and Seek game, along with fun and awesome collectibles!

Make sure to put your lederhosen on, and to join in on the festivities! You're able to access this year's festival through the carriage in the Hogsworth Courtyard!


- Decorated Wizendale 
- Butterbrew Parkour & Dropper (Rewards Gold & XP)
- Hide & Seek Minigame (Rewards Special Event Tokens)

Items & Goods 

- Butterbrew Tankard (Purchasable w/ Gold)
- Butterbrew Enchanted Scarf (Purchasable w/ Gold)
- Butterbrew Fireworks (Purchasable w/ Gold)
- Butterbrew Food & Drinks (Purchasable w/ Gold)
- Butterbrew Festival Special Edition Hat (Purchasable w/ Event Tokens)

Butterbrew Trials

To conclude the Butterbrew Festival, the Head Staff team will be participating in a series of trials that will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel! These challenges will be diffcult and fun, so make sure to tune in and cheer your Head Staff on!

The trials and livestream will begin on September 23rd, at 12 PM PST.  Bis bald!

 Sehr gut, lass uns beginnen!

xxXperteXxx I cant wait for the opening of the event! Butterbeer Festival 2016 was my favourite event last year - I hope Butterbrew ...
ImTruculent_ Cool!
lattae Jr.Performer Thank you to everyone who worked on this! Also, how long will the event be up?

September Dueling Tournament

jackks PrefectArithmancerArena MasterStaff posted Sep 13, 17

Hello students!
Kit, Blizz and I would like to congratulate PKsurvivor, MyselfAndI_ & _Krynos_ from the Raven team for becoming our August dueling tournament winners, well done!

Qualifiers for September's dueling tournament take place on September 23rd at 7pm PST. The finals will take place the following weekend on September 30th at 7 pm PST.

Click here to read the Tournament Page for all rules and details.

Kit, Blizz and I look forward to seeing you at the September Tournament.

Good luck to all the duelists!

ImTruculent_ Good luck guys
Mine_Windlight Interesting... Ill be there...
Ascendo Good luck to all people competing!

Server News - Daily Diviner Writer Applications Open!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaff posted Sep 12, 17

Hello everyone! Daily Diviner Writer applications are open for the Server News section of our publication!

- Must be at least a year 3 on the server
- Must have access to a personal email and be able to use Discord

Click here to fill out this application!

This application will remain open until next Tuesday, the 19th, at 12pm PST. Good luck to you all!

MutatedOrange Jr.Performer Im pretty sure that the applications already closed, but one final gl to everyone who has applied!
ImTruculent_ Good luck everyone!
Storm_Boy when do we find out if we got the position?
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