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Spell Names and AC/TC Inflation

[Owner] Droobledore HeadmasterStaff posted Apr 15, 17

Salutations everyone!

Today we are bringing a new change to magic! We have renamed all our spells to our own unique lore to further solidify our own take on our universe! We will be updating the FAQ with the new spell names. We understand that it will be a bit confusing for a little while as all the spell names will change but the icons will still remain the same!

I have also updated the displays on wands and spells so the color coding and the way information is displayed is more organized. We also have a couple of new info bits on the spell tooltips illustrated below:

We are also inflating the costs of all AC and TCs on all the spells by a multiple of 10. So if a spell cost 1 AC before, it would now cost 10! But don't worry! We are also going to multiply any ACs and TCs that you currently have by 10! We will be adjusting any NPCs that trade for xp, cakes, etc as well!

Please report any bugs that you find! Thank you everyone!

~Headmaster Droobledore

Andreu I kinda miss calling Appareo Apparate xD
PhoenixFlame_209 When I finished a class, the professor gave me 5 AC. Is half an AC allowed?
Owlz_Trash Salutations!

Spring Festival

_Emxly Head of H.Head EventEvent StaffSMP posted Apr 15, 17

Happy Spring Potterworld! Join us in our Spring Festival to celebrate the change of season!

Use the Spring Festival NPC located in the courtyard to travel to the Transfiguration courtyard!  

Find the special tree, travel down the rabbit hole and use lumen to collect the tokens and trade them for event exclusive items!

Scarves, Banners, Flares, Heads, and more! We hope you all have a safe and happy spring season!

Also, a special thanks to Blizz and Scharf for working super hard on this event!

Thecoolgamertv I love that event. Its probably my most favorite!
DragonTrainer9 o Looks amazing! As soon as i get back home on potterworld i'll be sure to check it out!
MegaCritz20 Lovely event guys! I would just like to ask a question, once you have grabbed some tokens from one chest can you get any...

Roleplay Introduction - Mason Glaviar

Scharf AssistantStaff posted Apr 11, 17

Take an adventure to start the story and introduction of Mason Glaviar.

The event will be open from April 11th, 2017 to April 18th, 2017 in the Great Hall.

Roleplay Storyline - Mason Glaviar

Mason was conflicted with whether he belonged to the Dark Followers or Aurorlocks. However he questioned his loyalty to the Dark Followers as he is working more in the Ministry and started to realise the illogicality of the Dark Followers; he technically "resigned".

Naturally, the Dark Followers being misguided by Mason, finally decided to ask something of him due to his role in the Ministry. His position in the Ministry was viewed as very convenient to them. Being promoted to Director of the Department of Law Enforcement, he has access to intelligence and the resources to find wizards and witches, such as Kyla. The Dark Followers asked him for information, which was pretty simple, however Mason needed more information than he knew despite having all resources available to him.

The Wizarding World is in a frenzy after Kyla escaped the magical bank and Zirxas destroyed half of the magical marketplace. The members of the Department of Law Enforcement are split into two groups, one searching for Kyla and one searching for Zirxas. Mason is fascinated by Kyla and decides to join that side of the investigation, despite being the director of such a large and vast department. 

The Dark Followers are soon to be in a frenzy, to realize that Mason is no longer working with them. Will he gather the information he needs? Will he need the help of others? Start your adventure to find out...

michaelmode This was very interesting and enjoyable! Can't wait to partake in future events like this one.
Reinv Great event, not too short but not too long either. Really loved the riddles and lore!
xxliz this has to be one of my favorite roleplay characters, thank you so much for creating this. It was tons of fun to do!

Class Schedule Update!

MariJensn Head of G.StaffPhoenixSPEW posted Apr 9, 17

Hello everyone!

Our class schedule has now been fixed and is fully functional again!

This means that the time listed in /nc is once again correct!

Best regards,
The Head Staff team <3

MinecrafterAva03 yay! but does the server happen to be down at the moment?
MaxTheCoolBruh Bless all of you guys! Yes!

New Flying Tournament - April Edition!

Johnnn ProfessorSecretKeeperArena MasterSr. Lore posted Apr 7, 17

Hello students! We are very excited to announce to you that we will be hosting a new inter-house competition in the form of our very first Flying Tournament! This will work much the same as the monthly dueling tournaments with trials being held for all houses and a final held against the finalists of all houses. The qualifying rounds will run over a period of two weeks, with two houses being trialed on the first week, and the last two on the second.

The qualifying rounds will work as time-trials. Players will fly around a course, where the skilled can prove and show off their flying talents. The fastest three competitors from each house will proceed to the finals. There will also be three backup finalists for each house. To enter the qualifying round, simply arrive at your common room when your houses qualifying round is about to begin. A broadcast will be made in game 5 minutes prior to remind you. Please check all the important times below for this months tournament:

Serpent qualifying round: April 15th 9AM PST

Griffin qualifying round: Directly after Serpents

Raven qualifying round: April 22nd 9AM PST

Honeybadger qualifying round: Directly after Ravens.

The final round will work in a “round-robin” style, where every house will get a chance to compete against every other house at a relay race. When a house wins a round, they will get one point. If they lose, they do not get any. There will be a total of six rounds, and whoever gets the most points will win!

The winning players of the tournament will not leave empty handed! The rewards include 10 house points per person, resulting in a total of 30 house points; 5 ACs per person; Flying Gear renamed to ‘Month Flying Champion’; a special prefix for 30 days, limited to the winners of the tournament on and your very own NPC displayed in the Great Hall!

The final round will take place on April 29th 9AM PST.


  1. You must not cast, drop potions, use beans, powders or anything that may enhance you flying or impact somebody else flying. It should simply be the player showing their ability against the course.
  1. You must use the broomstick provided to you for the tournament. This is to ensure that everybody is equal and has a fair chance of winning. 
  1. You must not resort into another house to participate for another house if you did not make it as a finalist or backup finalist. You may not also resort into another house if you qualified for the final as a finalist or backup finalist. Another player will be selected to take your place if it is found that you have.
  1. You must remain positive and supportive of your fellow housemates. Good teamwork and a positive attitude will always play well in your favour. While the qualifying round will be predominantly working against your housemates, the finals certainly will be working with them. Try your best and enjoy the competition!
  1. Winners of the tournament are not able to compete in the following month’s tournament.

If you are unable to make the final round, please contact Johnnn and Dannyel as soon as possible so that an alternative can be contacted and chosen.

If you change your in-game name since your qualifying round, you must let Johnnn or Dannyel know before the final. If the username we have recorded for you is not online by April 29 at 9AM PST, an alternative will be chosen to take your place.

Staff of any kind are not permitted to compete in this tournament.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to message Johnnn and Dannyel on Enjin, TeamSpeak or on the server.

We look forward to seeing you there. Good luck, play fair and have fun!

- John and Danny

Sirje Good Luck to any Serpents who choose to compete!
awkwardDemiguise PrefectPerformerStaff Super excited! Good luck to all
BluFlyingCatFox wizardpotter
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