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Builder Application Open!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryPwatch HeadStaffPhoenixo posted 58 mins ago

Hello everyone! The Head Staff team are excited to announce the opening of a new non-staff position - Builder!


The main responsibility of this position includes assisting the Architects or Head Staff in any builds they ask for help with.

• You must be able to use Teamspeak with a microphone
• You must be a fourth year on our server
• You must have a clean record on Potterworld
• You must be at least 13 years old
• You cannot be a builder or staff member on any other HP-themed server
• Preferred: Experience building within teams


Builder has two rankings; Junior and Senior. Junior Builder is the starter rank in which you apply for. If a Jr. Builder does well, they can be promoted to Sr. Builder. If the do well consistently for a long period of time, they can eventually be promoted to Jr. Architect, which is a staff position. 

Application Process

After submitting this application, it will either be rejected or you will be asked to continue onto the build test. If you are asked to continue the build test, a staff member will comment on your application with all of the information you will need to continue. Please Note: Not all applicants will be offered the build test.

If your application is rejected without a response, this means we have respectfully declined your application. We are expecting to get many applications and unfortunately cannot give feedback for each one.


If you are an experienced builder looking to commit yourself to a positive build team, then we encourage you to apply! We are quality driven, all applicants should be open to feedback and willing to change a build if asked.

Good luck to all who apply! If you have any questions, please privately message me or leave a comment here!

Click here to apply!

RedVelvett o What if, say, you have builder experience but are underage by a couple of months?
Ryan Sayres o Good luck everyone
RalietheFish PrefectStaff good luck everyone ^-^

February Dueling Tournament Winners

Blizz ProfessorSr ArchitectEvent StaffArena Master posted Sat at 16:19

Congratulations to Serpent on winning the February Dueling Tournament!

Serpent Students: Tikky, SaltyMe, and MateImBetter

Spleb josh!!! proud!!! SaltyMe
CupcakeSunday Congrats!
Aegu Well done Serpents Splendid job as always!

Valentine's Day!

Nymphadorable Head of S.Head of EvenEvent StaffSMP posted Feb 18, 17

- The Valentine's Event is now closed! -

Thank you all very much for attending, we hope you have had a wonderful time!


We are very excited to release our newest event in celebration of Valentine's Day!
This event is based around Roleplay and we encourage you to invite a date whether it be a special someone or a friend there is something you will all love! The event will close on the 20th of February.
You can attend this Event by clicking the Valentines NPC at the Greathall!

Here are some of the highlights of this event!

-Hunt for the 5 special *Event Only* emotes and spell!
-Take a stroll around our lovely fairytale themed town and markets. Here you can find Flower stalls, Valentine's Cards, Candy Stores and more!
-Explore fairytale builds that you know and love!
-Enjoy Fortune Telling that runs off a special schedule that you can find on the board out the front of the Crystal Ball!

- During this time special classes will be taught by our Professors! 

This year we also have a Scarf Scavenger Hunt for you to participate in! Start by getting your first clue in the courtyard by the castle. Then figure out the riddle to find your next clue! You will need the password in each book though so don’t get rid of those books! Also, at each clue location you will receive a token. Collect all the tokens and at the end you can redeem them for your prize. Happy Hunting!

We now have our winners of the Creative Writing Contest!

Romantic Fairy Tale:
First: EnderMist123
Second: PacificOwl
Third: _Rhi

First: Scientin
Second: TheNewYorkGhost
Third: Nightcia

Love Letter:
First: liziosa
Second: ACommonStranger
Third: ArtsySky

The winners will receive the following:

First place: Potterworld store hat and 200 gold

Second place: Valentine’s Emote Pack and 150 gold

Third Place: Particle Effect and 50 Gold

Congrats to everyone, and thank you to all who participated! Winners, please make a ticket in-game to receive your prize! 

~ ~ ~

In honor of this years Valentine’s Day Celebration, we held a Instagram Competition! These are our winners! 


On the 20th of February we will be picking our three favorite images!
1st place: Choice of the Heart Staff or a hat or staff that is 15$ USD or under and 120 galleons
2nd place: Choice of wand appearance and 100 galleons
3rd place: Choice of 1 wand particle and 50 galleons
The competition will remain open from February 12th at 12pm PST to February 20th at 12pm PST!

Thank you all for reading! We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 
- The Event Staff team!

RedVelvett o Oddly beautiful
Jedi_27 Well Done to all the winners and a huge thanks to the event staff for creating such an awesome event once again

Broom Update

[Owner] Droobledore HeadmasterStaff posted Feb 15, 17

Salutations everyone!

   Today I would like to bring to you a broom update! I know awhile ago I talked about brooms using the Elytra method. Because we have other plans for Elytras in the future, we have decided to go another route with brooms! NathanWolf, our amazing Minister for Magic, has graciously fixed our poor brooms! They should be more controllable once again! Here is how they work now:

1. Brooms now have a duration of time where you can ride them. However you CAN get rid of this timer once you have mastered said broom. (More on this later)

2. Each broom type will have different varying speeds, handling, and control.

3. To make a broom fly faster you aim your broom down (like you are leaning on the broom).

4. To make a broom fly slower you aim your broom up (like your pulling back on the reigns of a horse).

5. Shift will dismount you from your broom.

6. You will notice that brooms that can achieve a faster speed become harder to control after awhile... so this leads me to our next step in our broom evolution!

Broom skill will soon be a thing! Basically you will be getting better at riding the broom you own. I am currently working on a way to level up your skill per broom. Each skill level will grant better handling and a bit more speed and control!

Mastering a specific broom removes the duration that you can last on that broom. After you master it you can fly until you want to stop!

7. We are gating the purchase of brooms per year now, Certain brooms can only be bought at certain years and above!

- Year 1 = Bluebottle

- Year 2 = Cleansweep

- Year 3 = Comet

- Year 4+ = Nimbus

- Year 6+ = Firebolt

I feel it more rewarding to allow players time to master the lower end brooms to really appreciate the higher end ones!

Thanks everyone!

~ Headmaster Droobledore

Kiwikiwi6 Great idea
Kiwikiwi6 Sounds great!
Danieldemais May I suggest that there be some sort of brake on the broom? I have a Firebolt and after it gathers some speed I literal...

Planned Maintenance

Dannyy94 Head DevStaff posted Feb 10, 17

The server is now back online, we have performed backend maintenance to allow for future feature updates.

We will be performing planned maintenance on Saturday 11th February 2017 at 12 noon UTC (04:00AM PST)

We do not anticipate the network to be down for long, updates will be provided on the day.

nebur2468 Sad
Mr_Fire2 Nice! And I hope everything went well
Ryan Sayres o Good luck! Thanks my dudes
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