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New Mob Changes!

BurntCrab Sr DeveloperStaffDarkFollower posted Mon at 13:25

Greetings unmagical and magical folk alike!

This post is to briefly explain some changes we have made to the server's mobs in preparation for the

Exploration Update!

So, what's new?

Well, first of all - updated mob health bars!

These new health bars are much more aesthetically pleasing, and won't clutter your screen like the old ones.

Next - we have included a greater variety of sound effects that apply to all mobs!

We hope that this feature will help build more immersion in PvE combat and make fights more interesting!

Also for immersion, all mobs have now been equipped with several simple visual effects when they spawn, are hit, or die.

These changes are all currently live on the server - so go ahead and check them out!

As they are only recently introduced we will likely change and adjust them in minor ways in the near future, so keep an eye out for any changes too!

(If your computer has difficulty running the particles, you can reduce them under Esc > Options > Video Settings by changing 'Particles' option to Decreased or Minimal.)

Please let us know your thoughts on these changes, we'd love to hear your feedback, and look forward to bringing you more exciting changes with the Exploration Update!

For more information on the Exploration Update - watch the recording of the Q&A found here!

Elyxus noticed these shortly after the restart. Thanks staff
StyLushBathBombs Sounds fun! Thanks!
Brainth Sounds great, checking it now

Roleplay Event - A New Year at Hogsworth

Scharf AssistantHead of ArchSMPStaffo posted Mon at 3:17

Roleplay Event -
A New Year at Hogsworth

From July 24th, 2017 to July 31st, 2017, meet Ella, Isaac, Hunter and Adrianna, four students who’s school year is troubled by the recent events involving Kyla, Mason and Zirxas! They do not belong to the same house, and they do not all know each other, but this year, Ella, Isaac and Hunter are starting their second year at Hogsworth! But this year is unlike any other: dangerous wizards and witches are on the loose, and Droobledore values the safety of his students more than anything. Aurorlocks are located at every exit of the castle, in order to prevent Zirxas to do any harm to the school, and Kyla Leveski is still left to be found. Or is she? Mason, Head of the Department of Law Enforcement, found Kyla thanks to the players’ help during our last event, yet it is clear that the Ministry of Magicians didn’t release any public statement about it. Why wouldn’t they? And there is one student that is more preoccupied by this case than any other: Isaac Wayland, son of Connor Wayland, is worried about Kyla as she’s bound to become his step-mother, and has considered her as his mother for quite some time. And Ella knows how much Isaac cares about Kyla: she happens to live very close to the Wayland family house, and went to play with Isaac, Connor and Kyla a few times by the past. What will Ella and Isaac do about Kyla? Is the school still a safe place? Will the Ministry of Magicians disclose any information about the Zirxas or the Leveski case?

Venture into our newest roleplay event starting Monday July 24th, 2017!

_FoxPlays_MC What happened to the server it crashed or smthin?
roseywolfgirl I am stuck I lost some of the items and now I'm done for. Rip
Elemeno_Pee Yes! I always love to see progressions in the roleplay! Good job roleplay team, it sounds amazing!

Head Staff Q&A

Scharf AssistantHead of ArchSMPStaffo posted Sun at 0:45

Hello everyone! The Head Staff team is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Q&A session!

This stream has occurred! If you missed it, you can watch it here.

bubblegumkaty cant wait for the phoenix update
Rosie_Fireheart OMG I just noticed the drawings of the HS...those are perf.
dawsonss Anyone else experiencing issues joining the Potterworld server?

Daily AC change!

MariJensn Head of G.StaffPhoenixSPEW posted Jul 17, 17

Salutations everyone!

We come with exciting news for you all!

We are today launching the first step of our Quest introduction, and it includes a change in the Daily AC system.

How will it work?

From today, to get a riddle you will need to go to the "Tommy Riddle" NPC in the Great Hall Courtyard. Clicking on him will open a GUI where you can pick to get the Daily Quest.

From the moment you accept, you'll have 24 hours to complete this riddle. After that time, the riddle will expire and disappear.

Once you accept the riddle, there will also be a 24 hour cool down on the NPC. Meaning, you'd have to wait 24 hours before being able to get a new riddle.

Once you find out where the riddle could lead, you must go to the location. There you'd either need to simply walk into the area described in the riddle or you'd have to find a specific NPC or block. The NPCs and blocks will have green particles coming out of them, to make them easier to spot!

When you find the correct location/NPC/block, you will be automatically rewarded with 10 AC! You would no longer have to go to  the Trophy Room to exchange the crest for ACs.

Additional info:

All riddles are stored in a bank, so to say. We have had the Secret Keepers create a bunch of brand new riddles that we have been working on adding lately. As time goes on, more riddles and quests would be added.

Each player would get a riddle at random. There is no guarantee that 2 players will have the same riddle, despite it seeming like it's the same location. As a side note: one cannot guarantee that it's the exact same room, NPC or block that people with different riddles are looking for.

Why the change?

We want to introduce parts of what we can do with our newly developed quest system, and we found the Daily AC to be a great start with this! It offers us more creative ways to do riddles and locations, and we would even be able to branch out and have more actual quest like jobs, a player would have to do for a reward.

We will also overcome a few issues with this:

  • We would no longer have to worry about the AC chests breaking or the crests glitching away.
  • Leaks of the AC would no longer be harmful as the chances of having the same riddle would be small.
  • Riddles would no longer be delayed. Since it depends on player actions to start a timer for when a player can get a new riddle, it will be exactly 24 hours between riddles.

We hope you'll all enjoy this, and please do create a ticket in-game, should you encounter any issues!

Best regards,

The Head Staff of Potterworld

Sindre1203 Nice update! I can't wait to see other quests coming to this server.
Schnatterliese I tried it out and its amazing. Thanks to all staff for doing this great work. Can`t wait for the next riddle And hope ...
TobiGoro This new system is way more efficient in my opinion. Not only do we now control when we want our AC riddle, but the way ...

Performer Applications are open!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryPwatch HeadStaff posted Jul 14, 17

Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that we will be opening up Performer Applications until Wednesday, the 19th at 12pm PST.

What is a Performer?
Performer is a position on our Potterwatch team which entails working with the Potterwatch Directors to help create content on the YouTube channel. Main responsibilities include acting, both voice and character acting, being available on both Teamspeak and the server, work with a team to create quality content, and to take direction from the Potterwatch Directors.


  • Must be at least 11 years old
  • Must be a year 4 student or above on the main server
  • Must be able to use Teamspeak with a microphone
  • Have access to a personal email account
  • Have a clean record with Potterworld

**No exceptions will be made to these requirements!

The Performer position is a non-staff position and does not come with any extra perms, however it does come with commitment and responsibility.
Performers are expected to follow our server rules at all times and keep up with their responsibilities.

There are a limited number of openings for this position. Applicants will be chosen based on availability, cooperation, attitude, and offense record. 

Good luck to all

Click here to view this application!

UndoneThunder19 I'am so nervous
lil_rose18 Totally wasn't able to get to year 4 in time
Eva0119 Good luck everyone!
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