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Halloween Sale 2017!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaff posted Wed at 10:17

Go check out our store sale!

Cweamish When will the sale end?
SpaceLights Builder About to blow all my money
ginger2004 I would like to buy a prefix but I don't have a credit card. ;-; Only a Google Play Gift Card. ((

October Dueling Tournament

jackks ArithmancerArena MasterSecretKeeperStaff posted Sun at 18:38

Hello students!
Kit, Blizz and I would like to congratulate RheignEllieV2 & TaylorV2 from the Serpent team for becoming our Serpent dueling tournament winners, well done!

Qualifiers for October's dueling tournament take place on October 20th at 4pm PST. The finals will take place the following weekend on October 27th at 4 pm PST.

Click here to read the Tournament Page for all rules and details.

Kit, Blizz and I look forward to seeing you at the October Tournament.

Good luck to all the duelists!

Syster15 Goodluck for everyone competing!
xfifix777 o heck.
Mine_Windlight It seems as if badgers are in need of some assistance... I'll be there

5k Subscriber Celebration!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaff posted Oct 11, 17

Hello everyone! In celebration of hitting 5,000 subscribers on our YouTube page, we've opened a mini-quest for everyone to explore!
Check out this video for more information:

As you complete the quest, you will collect a total of 5 emotes to complete the Potterwatch Emote Package!
We'd like to thank all of our players and subscribers for the amazing support. Good luck and enjoy!

GriefMaster123 Good Luck Everyone! Congrats on getting 5K Potterwatch! You deserve it!!!
MoootatedOrange Jr.Performer Wow some of those riddles were really hard. o.0
Ash_the_Crafter Heyoo!! This is sooooo exciting tytysm the only thing is that I'm traveling an will be for a week soooo how long wi...

October Flying Tournament

Kiiira_ ProfessorArena MasterStaff posted Oct 11, 17

Hello everyone!

Congratulations to chu_chu_pikachu, FlightlessBirb_, and Dawnthepanda! They led the Honeybadgers to victory in the September flying tournament!

This month the flying qualifiers will be held Saturday the 14th of October at 8am PST. The finals will be held on Saturday the 21st of October at 8am PST.

You can click here for the official schedule to view the exact times.

You can click here for more information on the tournaments including rules and other details.

Good luck to everyone who competes! We can't wait to see you there!

-John, Kira, and Aria

NationalBlurry TraineeStaff Congratulations to the Honeybadgers that won last month! Good luck to all of the people that are looking to participates...
girlygamer276 o Congrats Honeybadgers! Good luck to everyone competing this month

Halloween Short Story Contest 2017

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaff posted Oct 10, 17

Greetings everyone! The Potterwatch team is hosting a contest in celebration of Halloween! To enter, write a short story themed around Halloween on Potterworld. The best story will be made into a video and the winner can choose a hat from our store!

Click here to enter!

All entries must be submitted by October 25th at 9am PST. The winner will be announced on October 31st.

- The story must be written by the person submitting the entry.
- The story must be written in English. Spelling and grammar will affect your placement.
- The story should be appropriate for all ages.
- The short story should not exceed 6000 words
- You may only submit one story per person.
- Staff Members and Banned players are not allowed to enter.

Good luck to you all!

AssassinKing_ At the start I almost got goosebumps writing it
AssassinKing_ good luck
TheSpoopyKitKat Is there a runner up type thing? Or No?
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