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Star Credits to Star Tokens Trader

[Owner] Droobledore HeadmasterStaff posted 2 hours ago

Salutations everyone!

  We have added a Star Credits to Star Tokens trader item in the Star Battle Souvenir NPC in the spaceship by the boathouse! You can trade 10 credits for 1 Star Token! This should give everyone more chance to get some rewards in this last week before the event closes! Happy Battling!

~Headmaster Droobledore

rosebudchloe Omg yass
Cam_Lestrange Performero Yay!
gadget271 Performer Looks like i can still get a saber then

New official PotterworldMC Discord server!

MariJensn Head of G.StaffPhoenixSPEWo posted Tue at 13:20

Hello everyone!

We are inviting you all to join our new discord server!
In order to join you will need to use this link and it will ask you to make a Discord account, or simply add the server to your list of existing servers if you are already logged in on Discord!

Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

- The Head Staff

TehWizardBunny Will the Teamspeak server stay active/online ?
DisneyNerdYT PrefectStaff Whooo! It will be very fun to see all of you guys on Discord!
Sirje I should really get over my fear and go on someday. but i have the most awful vocie/accent ever. >.>

New Flower Crown and Red Scythe!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryPwatch HeadStaffo posted Sun at 17:57

Hello everyone! After much suggestion from our players, we have added two new items to our store; The Rainbow Flower Crown and the Red Scythe!

Click here to view the Rainbow Flower Crown!

Click here to view the Red Scythe!

Elemeno_Pee I'm definitely getting the rainbow flower crown :o
Hagriiid Bought the flower crown! Check my new post for the look of it
Bookie_Pamphilius Just bought the rainbow flower crown and it looks amazing! Thank you for adding this and the red scythe!

Phoenix Base Update

BurntCrab HeadUnspeakaStaffDarkFollower posted Sun at 1:32

Hey everyone!

The 3 faction-specific mobs will now spawn throughout the Phoenix Base!
This minor adjustment is to allow more areas for engaging the faction mobs (particularly Phoenix Members) and bring more attention to the area, while simultaneously testing some server-side tweaks.

Happy hunting!


Andreu o Wee!
Laffs o Pretty cool Josh, thanks!

Resourcepack Update

[Owner] Droobledore HeadmasterStaff posted Sat at 13:33

Salutations everyone!

  Today we are bringing you a update to the Resourcepack for the GUI! I want to start pushing things more themed and so I have done a pass at the player's GUI textures!

I know it's always hard to get used to changes but hopefully these ones will be all for the best! Thanks everyone!

~ Headmaster Droobledore

PoppaBlade o is there a way to get the resource pack for ourselves? like permanently?
CrazyCraft41 Cool! Hey, did you know that it's possible to make your own custom GUIs? (I've done it before, it's super...
gadget271 Performer I have noticed with this update, it can be a little harder to see the potion colour when brewing, though I am colour bli...
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