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Realms Release!

By Gwyn SecretaryHead StaffStaff - Posted Dec 2, 17

Dannyy94 and the Technology & Development team present

When you log onto our server, you'll be in a brand new hub with only three items in your inventory. These are the Hub Selector, Roleplay Server selector, and Game Selector. Hold any of these in your hand and right click to use them!

  • The Hub Selector will send you to any spawn hub of your choosing.
  • The Roleplay Server Selector will send you back to your location in the magical realm of Potterworld.
  • The Game Selector will allow you to select any minigame you wish to join the queue for.


You can also interact with NPC’s in the hub to do the same thing.

If you have any questions, you may contact us by:

  • Going to our forums
  • Creating a support ticket in game using `/t create [your message]`
  • Creating a support ticket on the website


More Information:

We have been hard at work over the last 2 years in preparation for the maintenance that occured. Each month we’re seeing great growth of our player base and we need to ensure that we are able to provide great service to those new players. This maintenance has rolled out the following:


When you first connect to Potterworld you will be connected to a hub, from here you can quickly join a minigame, or if you’re up for some RPG you can hop onto Potterworld and join the fun. This new model allows for players who only enjoy minigames to do just that! Hubs will scale to demand, so the more players that need to be in a hub, the more hubs there will be.


Minigames are currently based on an on-demand infrastructure, however is limited at present to 20 concurrent games, as we have made an effort to develop an entire on-demand infrastructure, we will also be converting mini games to use this new technology.


Back in 2015 we split the current server at the time into separate servers and developed seamless cross server teleporting, this has worked great until now. We have taken steps to re-combine all the maps back into a single server which we will scale to player demand, so what does this mean for you?

  1. The number of worlds is completely dynamic and is adjusted on the fly by an automatic service, this will monitor player demand for the worlds and bring more online when necessary.
  2. We’ve analysed performance from our servers over the last 2 years and we have identified that server performance will start to deteriorate once we have more than 80 players on a single server. Based on this information, we’ve decided to hard limit each world to 80 players. A hard limit on player count will ensure that we can provide the best player experience for our users.
  3. The daily restart will be phased out, we will replace this with a daily ‘recycle’, a replacement server will be brought online along side of the current server, players will be quickly teleported onto the new server and then the old server will be turned off. This enables us to provide a more seamless player experience and prevent unnecessary disconnections.
  4. Active monitoring of worlds will take place, if a world is performing poorly, an automatic recycle process will take placed outlined in point 3 above.


AFK Server
The AFK server will be removed when we deploy the on-demand network, as we have a flexible capacity we no longer need to move idle players to seperate server to reduce lag on our production servers.


Friends, parties and chats
Friends parties and chat channels will remain as is for now, you will be able to chat to your friends and use parties no matter where you are on the server (Unless you are in a minigame, where some elements of chat is restricted to combat cheating)

We will review the chat channels after the update has been live and look to convert global chat channel to be per-world.


Looking into the future
This new infrastructure provides us with peace of mind that we can deliver a stable and enriched experience to all our players, now we have a totally elastic server we can focus on working on gameplay and deliver some awesome content in 2018.


We’ve struggled to sustain stable servers with our current growth, we have designed and built a new infrastructure to solve this, servers are now on-demand and will scale to demand automatically. The AFK server will be removed, minigames will be improved, and we’re working on some awesome gameplay for 2018.



Q: What if i want to play with my friend?
A: You can play with your friends as long as you join the same world as each other. You can select a world from the Potterworld NPC in a hub or by running /worlds in-game. We are looking into adding better matching of players to servers based on friends and parties in the future.

Q: Can I still talk to my friends if they are in a different world?
A: Of course, Party chat and Personal messaging is network wide so you can chat to your friends no matter where they are!

Q: What about the marketplace?
A: The marketplace is a global service, this means that you can sell your items and people can buy them no matter the world they are in.

Q: Can I send mail to a friend that is in a different world via the Mailbox?
A: Of course! The mailbox is a global service and you can send mail to your friends regardless of what server they are connected to

Thank you all for the incredible support you’ve shown during our maintenance time! We’re so excited for this update and can’t wait to show you the fun changes we have planned for our players. Happy playing!

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