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Holidays at Hogsworth

By Deniz Jr DeveloperLead GDStaff - Posted Dec 3, 17

Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce the release of our 2017 Christmas Event!
This year's Christmas event is being held at the school we all know and love, Hogsworth!

During this event, you'll be able to get many exclusive rewards such as hats, wand appearances, a spell and much more! You'll also be able to do up to 50 quests, and attempt to complete multiple challenges to get these awesome rewards! All hats, wands, and spells are being sold for 350 Event Tokens!

❄ Green Christmas Hat
❄ Snow Beanie
❄ Christmas Tree Hat
❄ Mistletoe Staff
❄ Holiday Antlers 2016
❄ Snowman Hat 2016
❄ Dormunstrad Staff 2016
❄ Christmas Snowball Spell
❄ Christmas 2017 Scarf - 150 Event Tokens
❄ Hogsworth Holiday Gift Banner - 25 Event Tokens
❄ Hogsworth Winter Banner - 25 Event Tokens

How to do the quests and get Event Tokens
Everyday at 12 PM PST, 2 new christmas quests will be unlocked. These quests are daily quests, which you can do 24 hours from when you started the quest. You can get a magical advent calender item from the task board outside the great hall, which will teleport you to the quest givers. This can be done by clicking on items inside the menu! When you accept the quest, do /q to see what you need to do the next!

Each quest will reward 5 Event Tokens!

Besides from quests, we've also added multiple challenges that you can do! You can do these challenges by talking with the 'Challenges' NPC in the Courtyard! These challenges will also reward Event Tokens upon completion!
All minigames in /games (besides from 1v1 Arenas), will also reward Event Tokens!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you enjoy this event, and we thank you for your continuous support throughout the years!

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