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Holiday House Point Contest

By Jessmas Darling Head StaffStaff - Posted Dec 5, 17

Hello, witches and wizards! We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest contest! Located in the courtyard outside of the great hall, you will find an NPC called “Holiday House Point Contest”! This NPC sells three different heads for each house.

Serpent: Serpent Ornament, Serpent Ornament Bush, and Serpent Holiday Cookies

Griffin: Griffin Ornament, Griffin Ornament Bush, and Griffin Hot Cocoa

Raven: Raven Ornament, Raven Ornament Bush, and Raven Holiday Stocking

Honeybadger: Honeybadger Ornament, Honeybadger Ornament Bush, and Honeybadger Holiday Horse

This contest will run now through December 25, 2017. At the end of the contest, all purchases will be totaled up. The house with the most purchased heads will win!


First Place: 300 House Points
Second Place: 200 House Points
Third Place: 100 House Points
Fourth Place: 75 House Points


We wish you all the very best of luck! Have fun and happy holidays!

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