Back to Hogsworth Fan-Art Contest

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaffo posted Mon at 18:24

Back to Hogsworth Fan-Art Contest!

Hello everyone! A small team of staff are hosting a fan-art contest to celebrate everyone going back to school! The winner can choose either a Pet Owl or Student's Hat from our store!

Click here to enter!

All entries must be submitted by Sept 1st at 9am PST


  • You can use any form of art! Mixed media, digital, etc!
  • You may only submit one time! If you submit more than once, the first entry will be counted. 
  • The art must be in the theme of "Back to Hogsworth". It must be potterworld-related in some way.
  • Your art must be uploaded to an image website such as imgur or gyazo so you can include the link below.
  • Art should be appropriate and kid friendly.
  • The art must be created by you. Any plagiarism will be punished on the server.
  • Any trolling with this form result in a website ban.
  • Staff may not enter this contest.

SmolZoom I'm definitely entering (I've already started)! But it's hard to fit drawing into such a hectic schedule ...
FlightlessBirb_ I think I might attempt something. Good luck to everyone else participating!
roseywolfgirl Good luck to everyone!

Arithmancer applications are open!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaffo posted Thu at 21:48

Hello everyone! Arithmancer applications are now open and will remain open until Wednesday, August 23rd at 12pm PST! 

What is an Arithmancer & what do they do? Arithmancers are artists who understand 3D modeling and texturing. This role is responsible for making banners, artwork, and renders for any project needed on Potterworld. To apply for this role, you will be required to have access to some 3D manipulation software, such as Cinema4D and Photoshop, and be able to show us any work you have done in the past.

Click here to apply and read more information!

Gabriel Whitlock Good luck all! I hope to see some amazing new faces on the Potterworld staff team!
Prime_Ranger o August 23rd is my birthday
LilyBelle_DiLaurentis Good Luck Everyone!!

The Carnival comes to Hogsworth!

_Emxly Head StaffHead of EvenSMPStaff posted Thu at 17:00

Step right up and celebrate the end of summer at the Carnival! There are many marvelous activities. quests, and attractions on offer at this spectacular event.

How do you get there?

Rumour has spread around the Castle that a student, Danielle, knows more about the Carnival’s arrival. Speak to Danielle in the Great hall courtyard, she’ll be able to send you on the right path to finding the location of the Carnival!

What does the Carnival offer?

The Carnival has brought many wondrous offerings to the students of Hogsworth this summer. Explore the Carnival’s charmed tent to see all that is on offer!

Fortune Teller

Enter the tent of the mystical fortune teller and let her reveal your fortune.

Magical Creatures

Explore the magnificent creatures that the Carnival has brought to Hogsworth from all over the world. You’ll be able to see dragons, fairies, phoenixes, and much more!


Walk around and shop through different stalls offered at the event. You can buy candy floss, clown masks and many more unique items!

Carnival Maze

Step into this two-part maze of fun and search your way through to the end. Along the way, you will be faced with numerous challenges.

Part 1 Reward: 5 Carnival Tickets!

Part 2 Reward: An exclusive Carnival Banner!

Cannon Challenge

Hop into the cannon and prepare to fly! Click the red block and you’ll be shot right out of it! Land in the water to win!

Reward: 1 Carnival Ticket!

Carnival Parkour and Dropper!


Parkour Reward: 3 Tickets!

Dropper Reward: 1 ticket!

Carnival Competition and Acts

This Carnival brings along many fantastic acts ranging from a spectacular hypnotist act to a jaw dropping lion taming act! More detail on these acts can be found at the link below.



A special thanks to the builders and all of event staff!

PhoenixClaw2 o Can you buy Galleons on PW Store? because ppl like me, find it very hard to earn Gold!
flintlock711 I completed part 1 of the maze but didn't get any tickets. Someone also gave me 2 tickets and I didn't get the...
ScorpioDrama Aurorlock mAze

Builder Applications

Scharf Head StaffSMPStaffAurorlock posted Aug 14, 17

Hello everyone! The Architect team is excited to announce that Builder applications are now open!

Builder applications have been closed early. Thank you all for applying!


The main responsibility of this position includes assisting the Architects or Head Staff in any builds they ask for help with.


• You must be able to use TeamSpeak with a microphone
• You must be a fourth year on our server
• You must have a clean record on Potterworld
• You must be at least 13 years old
• You cannot be a builder or staff member on any other HP-themed server
• Preferred: experience building within teams

Application Process

After submitting this application, it will either be rejected or you will be asked to continue onto the build test. If you are asked to continue the build test, a Head Staff member will comment on your application with all of the information you will need to continue. Please note: not all applicants will be offered the build test.

If your application is rejected without a response, this means we have respectfully declined your application. We are expecting to get many applications and unfortunately cannot give feedback for each one.


If you are an experienced builder looking to commit yourself to a positive build team, then we encourage you to apply! We are quality driven, all applicants should be open to feedback and willing to change a build if asked.

Good luck to all who apply! If you have any questions, please privately message me or leave a comment here!

Apply here!


JustJada PrefectSMPJr. GDProfessor Good luck to everyone that applies! Take your time on the application 💙
Storm_Boy When do we find out whether we get into the build test?
EliteXMageXL1 So its says you must be a fourth year, does that mean at least? Or can you be a sixth year. I'm making sure xD

New Resource Pack Font!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryHead StaffStaffo posted Aug 10, 17

Hello everyone! Droobledore has implemented a new font for our Resource Pack! This is a custom font created by Shijun. 

To get this new font, you can do /packs in game and re-download it!
If you are having any problems with the resource pack, please remove the old resource pack from your server-resource-packs folder and re-download it. 


xxXperteXxx I really like the changes. But theres on thing I dont like: the windows at Borkin & Brambles in Shade Alley now ...
ImTruculent_ Nice fonts Gwyn
Danneman01 My house looks like a prison with the new glass panes ;(