Hey everyone!

We have made a lot of changes, bug fixes and improvements these past couple of weeks, that we’re really excited to show you!

➤ We’ve created a new currency known as ‘Minigame Tokens’. This token can only be achieved by playing any minigame in /games.
➤ You'll soon be able to trade these Minigame Tokens for gold (and maybe something else)!
➤ We’ve blocked a few spells from housing to prevent some bugs. These spells are: Vanesco, Incendo, Ignis Tempus, Flamonstrum, Meteor.
➤ When you log in, you now get a message of how many unread mails you have in your mailbox.
➤ Lag and Player amount in /worlds are now colored differently depending on the amount.
➤ We’re now selling: water buckets and flint and steel at the mine depot.
➤ There is now a fire dust warp to Griffins Hollow and the Riddle Manor, which allows you travel to Little Hangleton as well!
➤ All potion recipe books prices were split in half.
➤ You can now trade 60 potion credits for 5 house points.
➤ Mobs were tweaked, made more unique, special and easier.
➤ New mobs added! Ghosts, Necromancers, Vampires and way more!
➤ All mobs no longer drop loot, but loot bags! These can be traded for potion ingredients with Mr. Mulpeppers or the Sr. Prefect.
➤ You can now read about each mob on the server in the library! These books will include information such as its location, strengths, and weaknesses! Look for the sparkling enchantment table.
➤ Melting Floor items no longer disappear when you get them.
➤ From now on: Only event maps will reward Event Tokens. Every other map will reward Minigame Tokens.
➤ Website bugs has been fixed.
➤ Spells were tweaked! Some spells lost it’s magic cost completely, and some were lowered by a lot. These were mainly year 1 spells.
➤ Local chat on housing is now global on the entire house plot. A [house] prefix will appear before your name.
➤ You will no longer get XP bottles from chests in your wand inventory.
➤ Fixed servers sometimes crashing.
➤ Fixed games sometimes getting stuck.

This is all for now! We hope you enjoy these updates! Let us know what you think! 😄

- The Development Team