The time has finally come! As a player you will be able to select a profession from three subgroups: Potions, Herbology, and Cooking!

To begin your journey, talk to the professions recruiter in the great hall. After talking to them, they will give you the option to speak to each of the Profession Masters and begin the introductory quest. Most of your Profession’s work will take place in two places, the professions hub located in the Room of Requirement and the Wilderness in which you will find the mobs and resource nodes necessary that will be used to create your profession materials.


Potions is mainly based around buffs to your magical abilities. There are seven tiers of Power, Strength and Mana potions, as well as 14 different magic trait potions. These will boost various aspects of your magic, ranging from knockback buffs to spell gravity decreases.


Cooking is focused on three different things; Saturation, Vanilla Buffs and Elemental Buffs. Saturation lasts for a long time in Cooking, meaning you can go a while without eating. Vanilla Buffs are things like Speed and Jump Boost, and Elemental Buffs refer to buffing your magic around elements such as Nature, Water and Electricity.


Herbology has two separate parts to it. These are plants and herbs. Every level, you will unlock a plant and any number of herbs. The plants are effects, ranging from tornados to a cherry bomb effect, and everything imaginable in between. The herbs will be used to craft the unbrewed and uncooked forms of potions and foods. Herbs and plants will both be grown from seeds found in resource nodes around the Wilderness.

To do any of these professions, you will need many different materials. These materials can come from one of two different places. The first is resource nodes. Resource nodes are found in the wilderness and will give you a mix of any resources on and below the level of the area you are in. The resource nodes also give the seeds for the herbs you can grow through Herbology, which are materials used in crafting. The second way is mobs, which spawn anywhere in the area which is for their level. To view the spawn locations of these mobs, you can use the Codex in a library in any of the 5 towns in the wilderness. Also in this codex is a list of every resource and what mob drops it, or whether it can be found in resource nodes.