Talents is a system allowing you to heavily customize your combat experience. You receive talent points every 10 levels, which you can put into one of three categories. These are the School of Defensive Arts (Defense), the School of Medicinal Magic (Healing), and the School of Curses, Hexes and Jinxes (Attack). There are nine spots to place your points in each category, and you will have earned nine points once you reach level 80. Each school also has 5 tiers, and you must buy everything in the previous tier in order to earn points in the next tier. In the third tier of each school, you have the opportunity to buy a spell designed for that school. You may start your journey into talents at level 3, when you earn your first talent point by visiting the trophy room below the great hall and talking to the Talents NPC.

School of Medicinal Magic

Tier 1: 50% Cast Time Reduction
Tier 2: 50% Buff Duration - 75% Counterspell Cooldown Reduction
Tier 3: 75% Healing Cost Reduction - Tranquilium - 35% Mobility Spell Range Buff
Tier 4: 35% Healing Spell Magic Return - 75% Self-Heal Buff
Tier 5: 30% Healing Buff

School of Defensive Arts

Tier 1: 100% Concentration Buff
Tier 2: 50% Debuff Duration Buff - 30% Knockback Increase
Tier 3: 10x Counterspell Repetition - Integumentum - Resistance On Mobility Cast
Tier 4: 50% Magic Cost Reduction - 50% Resistance Duration Buff
Tier 5: 50% Health Buff

School of Curses, Hexes & Jinxes

Tier 1: 50% Radius Buff
Tier 2: 100% Aim Spread Reduction - 50% Range Boost
Tier 3: 50% Gravity Reduction - Mortufora - 25% Mobility Spell Cooldown Reduction
Tier 4: Magic Return - +Piercing on Skill Shot Spells
Tier 5: 30% Combat Spell Damage Increase