Salutations everyone!

We will be testing reworks to the Ultimate spells via the Talent System! Here are the listed changes to how they will work:

Tranquilium - Cleanses the same way as Finite Enchantum with an additional heal after a short cast time.
Integumentum - Projectile that creates a damaging and slowing area of effect which creates another area of effect around each initial target after a short delay.
Mortufora - Quick projectile that deals damage and, if successfully hits a target, creates an orb that is able to be picked up to refresh the cooldown. The orb disappears if picked up by any entity other than the caster.

We will be releasing the changes in the next restart for testing. This is not the final state of the spells, we are trying out different types of mechanics and want to see if these will work! So please play with them and let us know!

Note: We will keep the spells blocked in their normal areas for now since we don't know how balanced they are as of yet without the playtesting. Once the spells are fully balanced the intention is to unblock them so they can be used in all areas like other spells!

Thanks all, please submit your feedback so we can balance these spells!

Headmaster Droobledore