Hi so these are some of the questions I see daily in the chat about the new Christmas Event.

1)How do I start the quests?

You can start the Quests by talking to Louisa at the courtyard.(You can go to the courtyard by warping with your warp key bag to the great hall and then walk outside/

2)How do I go to Beaxbois school?

You need to complete the first quest . Then walk into the carriage next to Louisa and stand to the golden pressure plate. Then a place will be added to warp key bag.You can use that to go faster to the event!

3)How I can play Christmas minigames?

You can play Christmas minigames by doing /games and you will see 3 new minigames which have been added to the minigames ( Wand Spleef , Sledding and Snowballing)

4)Where I can play the event parkours , droppers or mazes?

You can click the Games NPC in Hogsworth courtyard or you can find one in Beauxbois courtyard.

5)Where I can see all of the quests I have done?

You can do /q complete to see all the quests you have done since now

6)Is there a list of all the new quests?

Yes you can view a list of all the quests next to the games NPC in Beauxbois courtyard

[b7)How can I see how many Event Tokens I have at the moment?

You can do /ac or /bal or /money to see how many you've got [/b]

8)How I can earn Event Tokens?

You can earn Event tokens by doing the new quests , playing the new games in /games or the new minigames from the Games NPC or you can go through the Maze in the back of the Beauxbois school and you should find some Tokens Chests.

9)What can I do with Event tokens?

You can purchase some really col stuff from the Event Rewards NPC which is located in the Beauxbois courtyard or you can find one in Hogsworth courtyard.

10)I can't find the place my quest is asking me to go can someone help me please?

Don't worry if you do /q and hover over the quest icon you will see the coords!

Thank you for reading my post!.I hope it helped you.If you have any other questions you can private message me in-game.My ign is Ntina9 or you will probably see me as Tina.Have fun playing and have a magical day <3