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A less punishing chat filter

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Hey all! Love this MC world!

I've noticed that PW uses a very restricting chat filter. the 'Family friendly' label is a choice like any other to be respected, but the automatic mute comes across as quite harsh and 'ín your face' . It mutes you based on a blacklist of words, but those could be typed accidentally or in another meaning.

Today I got insta-muted for typing 'tom dick and harry'. The red message saying 'please keep it appropriate' and blocking the message is wonderful, but the mute feels excessive and punishing. Free speech is still a human right. Filtering out offensive language is great, but the immediate (and very long!) mute timer makes you feel like you objectively did something bad. Especially for new players, making an unfortunate typo can feel demotivating.

Last time I saw intentional spam: Lasted several minutes, solved by staff.
Today I referenced 'Tom Dick and Harry' from a cartoon: instantly muted for 1 minute.

Could it be considered to remove the mute timer, or only apply it for repeat offences? I believe this would greatly improve chat experience for new and experienced players alike :)

Would love to hear your opinions! Have a great day
Posted Jan 10, 19 · OP
I see where you are coming from, it can be annoying when this happens, but it is also easy to let staff know that it was a false mute. Also, although free speech is a right, that doesn't mean that there won't be consequences to things that you say. Potterworld has a large majority of young players, thus a filter is necessary to make the platform safe for them. Accidents happen, and can be solved by messaging staff members on here or on discord, but the filter is important to keeping the platform friendly to young players.
Posted Jan 10, 19
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Basically the way watchdog works is there is a list of words it blocks out and that just happens to be one of them. When mistakes happen like that, we are more than willing to remove the mute/punishment. However, the system we have is in place for a reason. Swearing is in no way tolerated and so that word could be used in another context that is quite inappropriate. Most of the words blocked do not have another meaning or use. It is also stated in the rules that inappropriate language/swearing is not allowed so it should be known by players not to swear.

Hope this helped and let me know if you have any other questions!
Posted Jan 10, 19
Hi all

Thanks for your quick response :)

Of course the chat filter is a great measure to prevent flame wars and keep chat clean! Is the long mute part of it really necessary though? Losing the ability to talk for simply saying a word that was slightly out of line (whether you knew it or not) feels, IMHO, very harsh.

TV and internet videos are full of swearing and slang. Whether we like that or not, nobody can stop that from seeping into online play. Blocking these dirty messages and displaying a friendly reminder is wonderful! It makes the person understand and he/she will keep it in mind. Shushing them for 1 minute kills that vibe, and is honestly very aggravating. If I mistype 'bass' or reference Tom, Dick and Harry, I can no longer help with anyone's questions or riddles.

Wouldn't we agree that corrective, punitive action should be reserved for those who wilfully use hateful speech and very foul language? For good-hearted people, motivating the right thing works a million times better than punishing their mistakes :) .

So if I may repeat: Would you please consider removing the mute timer of the chat filter? It's a simple file edit, bad language is blocked anyway, and it would make more people happy :)

Have a great day!
Posted Jan 11, 19 · OP
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Mutes are a part of the punishment system for swearing, spamming and such.
Generally, we get the mistaken mutes lifted quickly, and it’s not hard to avoid writing stuff like that. It’s much more understandable in spoken works, but one has to actually type that out.

We also don’t wanna seem as encouraging or letting some players “off the hook”.
It can cause arguments between a muted player and staff if they see others don’t get muted.

You references to mistyping bass or Tom Dick and Harry are mistaken mutes, and would easily be removed as a strike and I muted.

It’s to aid the staff team and avoid having too much work for them to do, as the moderation team would then spent way more time adding mutes, than it is for them to remove mistaken mutes. That is on top of aiding players in chat or tickets with the general stuff we get.
Posted Jan 11, 19
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